HayMag Drum mowers are the number 1 selling drum mower in the USA  TecoStar Drum mowers
TecoStar USA


TecoStar Drum Mowers

TecoStar drum mowers are the most sold drum mowers in the world and in the USA. They are designed to give long service at an economical price. They will mow any hay crop in any condition and not clog up. They will mow as fast as  you can ride on your tractor. There are 3 blades on each drum and the 6 total blades can be changed in less than 2 minutes with our quick change feature. Typically a set of blades last 50-100 acres depending on the rock and sand content of the fields of operation. We have the size model to fit your tractor from 20 HP up.

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TecoStar Drum Mowers TecoStar 190 Drum Mower 135 Drum mower
  • Exterior Hydraulics are not needed for transport position
  • CAT 1 hitch for T-135 - CAT 1 & 2 hitch for T165 &T-190
  • Belt Driven & with quick change blades
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Safety Release to prevent damage
  • This design was first patented by a Dutch company, PZ, in 1969.