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Tecostar Agricultural Machinery has established with Turkey’s the most experienced companies in their field ILGI Agricultural Machinery ; Aydin Pulluk ; Turkay Agricultural Machinery and Dönder Agricultural Machinery. Also hereafter it is going to sell their machines under the name of Tecostar in all over the world.
TECOSTAR was born more stronger and larger agricultural company with 610 employees, 90.000.000 $ turnover, 18.000 units produced machines in 2010 in the factory with 30.000m2 closed and 60.000m2 open area. This union has made each company more innovative and competitive.

AYDIN PULLUK began plough production in a 20m2 - workshop in 1968.At present, AYDIN PULLUK serves TURKEY and world farmers in its 14.000 m2 factory with the capacity of 18.000 pcs/ year.
AYDIN PULLUK's vision is to follow up the progresses in agricultural sector in the world and integrate these progresses for the usefulness of Turkish farmers and the other farmers that it serves in abroad.. AYDIN PULLUK has been supporting the agriculture in global developing area by showing the innovations and developments to farmers and sharing them with other manufacturers in international fairs .
AYDIN PULLUK has been supporting the farmers with thousands of plough from modernizing TURKEY in globalizing world. We know that it is possible to bring in vital demands correctly by increasing the agricultural areas without damaging the balance factor and developing the modern agriculture in growing world.
AYDIN PULLUK is going to continue supporting world farmers with their efforts to be a world trade mark and they are going to regard these efforts as their national responsibilities.

DONDER TARIM was established in Aydin, Söke in 1958 by Ismail Donder. By being the first manufacturer of single disk fertilizer spreaders in its first years; Donder Tarim has leaded the sector for many years without any competitor in Turkey.
It preserves its place in the Turkish agricultural machines sector with the variety of its model range and its unquestionable quality. It has become a sought after label in the many countries of the world , again for the same reasons.

TURKAY AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY has been serving in the field of agricultural machinery using the latest technology for more than 40 years. Turkay company products became the most wanted ones in the market due to the production quality and reliable technical services.
TURKAY AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY has the certificate from the Turkish Standards Institution (TSEK) and the procedure to obtain ISO 9002 Quality Certificate still continues.

Turkay Tarim is the manufacturer of Vibrating Sub-soiler; Chisel; Rotary Tillers; Rotary Power Harrows; Rotary Mower ;Shredder ; Rotary Drum Mower ; Reaper Binder Machine ; Back Loader ;Rotary Windrower ; Slag Grinding Machine ; Pneumatic seed Drill; Rotary Disc Mower and also Star Gear Boxes.

The company has an indoor area of 13 000 m2 and %95of the production is carried out in its own structure. The latest technology workbenches such as CNC and LASER are the ones used for the construction of agricultural machinery. All of our products conform to ISO norms and carry CE sign. Our company also has a foundry namely CENTURK and shaft production line, EGE SAFT.

We would like to get your support to our new cooperation ;

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