TecoStar USA


TecoStar 330-9 Rotary RakeTecoStar Rotary Rakes feature clean sweep raking widths from 10' to 22' allowing you to get the most from your hay crop efficiently. TecoStar Rotary Rakes produce clean consistent fluffy windrows that assist both the operator and the hay baler in producing the best possible bale. The Star Gearbox transmissions are designed for long life with little maintenance. The large flotation tires smooth out the rough ground. operation.

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TecoStar Rotary Rake  TecoStar 424-11 Rotary Rake Double Rotary Rake
TOT-330-9-2Single Rotor- 9 Arms- 3 Tines per arm3610'6"2 - 18 x 850 - 8860 Lbs.
TOT-424-11-4Single Rotor- 11 Arms- 4 tines per arm4413'10"4 - 18 x 850 - 8 1225 Lbs.
COT-655-9-4Double Rotor- 9 Arms- 3 tines per arm7222'4 - 18 x 850 - 8 2200 Lbs.