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TecoStar Corn Chopper

Corn ChopperThe TecoStar Corn Chopper is an economical machine, powered by the tractor PTO shaft and it operates with low HP and low fuel consumption. It is able to perform high-quality cutting even at the maximum work speed. It's cutting discs that are made from alloy steel with a high degree of hardness. This unit has automatic sharpening setting so the nutrients of the plants and the water content in the plant are preserved. A crushing plate may be placed inside the cutting mechanism in order to crush the particularly dry corn particles. The silage length is determined with the help of the crushing plate that can be adjusted by an external bolt. The fans on the rotor create maximum blowing force to move the chopped material out the discharge spout . The discharge spout can be adjusted from the tractor seat. Both the direction of travel and deflection  angle can be adjusted with the remote control. The discharge spout may be extended with optional discharge spouts. The foldable discharge spout can easily be use in height restricted situations. This unit has a safety clutch to limit overloading. Optional Self-Contained Hydraulics pictured.

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